Ammonia block 3 in 1 pack

Ammonia block 3 in 1 pack

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A safe cycle for your aquarium

Ammonia peak removal

Quick start for your quarantine or (re) breeding aquarium

Peace of mind during your vacation. 

The ammonia block removes ammonia from the aquarium water and it works in fresh and salt water aquariums. Lasts 10 to 12 weeks. Can be used in conjunction with other products.

Perfect to use when you go on vacation and someone else is feeding the fish.

Ideal for the start-up of the aquarium because it removes the ammonia peak.

Application: Add the round pods to the internal or external filters, in the chemical part. Rinse before use. Can be used in fresh and salt water aquariums.

Contents: 3 round pods

1 pod per 25 to 150 liters of aquarium water

2 pods per 150 to 350 liters of aquarium water

3 pods per 350 to 600 liters of aquarium water

Disposal: The pods can be disposed of with the rest.

Get a display for free when you buy 5 packs of Ammonia blocks and 5 Nitrate remover!

Download the research study on the Nitrate remover and the Ammonia block here.

Customer Reviews

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Raj Kumar
Safe Start - New aquariums without fear of losing fish.

Simply add the correct number of PODS to your filtration, this allows the NITROGEN CYCLE to mature naturally over the next 12 weeks.
This product will diminish gradually over time, allowing the filter to transition naturally without the fear of an Ammonia spike. FILTRATION IS NOW RUNNING SAFELY. The colony of biological bacteria has fully matured in line with aquaria.Most cost-effective products on the market lasting 12 weeks.
NO chemical dosing required.
Suitable in all water parameters and temperatures.
We look after your WATER, whilst you ENJOY your aquatic experience.
Each pack contains 3 individually sealed 100g pods, sufficient for up to 2000 litres of water.
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