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All models have integrated cleanable air diffusers which can give fine bubbles into the filters powered by aquarium air pumps. These air bubbles can give essential oxygen to the filter media and also make moving filter media always rolling which can make auto cleaning. As a result, Bubble Bios will do excellent biofiltration and give convenience.


Bubble Bios are based on industrial MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) technology, which is the relative recent technology working generally at the industrial waste water treatment and RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) system.


  • Ziss Bubble Bios are 7 models now. (ZB-300, ZB-200, ZB-300F, ZB-200F, ZB-150F, ZBS-200 and ZBS-150)
  • ZB-300 and ZB-200 are the original models. We suggest these in the big tank and install deeply into the water.
  • ZB-300F, ZB-200F and ZB-150F are flow enhanced models. We suggest these in the small tank which need water flow. You should install outlet pipe water line to minimize bubble noise and maximize water flow.
  • ZBS-200 and ZBS-150 are the stand up models. These models have fine gravels and filter sponges in the bottom parts, so these can sit down naturally and do double physical filtration also. You can simply use these than any other models.
  • All Ziss Bubble Bios will give crystal clear water and do excellent biofiltration in your aquarium.
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