ZC-11 Co2 generator
ZC-11 Co2 generator

ZC-11 Co2 generator

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Ziss CO2 ZC-II is the completely new patented carbon dioxide generator by chemical neutralization. CO2 generation speed can be controlled by the speed control valve. The innovative pressure equivalent design can give safe and constant CO2 supply to the plant tank. Because ZC-II works by chemical neutralization, high purity CO2 can be generated instantly and CO2 generation is not affected by the temperature.
If you use our Ziss ZCR-160 generation kit, the amount of CO2 generation is around 160g, which can be used around 45days in the around 100 Liter tank.


Don't forget to add your generation kit: ZCR-160 


  • Controllable chemical CO2 generator
  • Instant start & Constant speed
  • Not affected by Temperature (5 ~ 40 oC)
  • High purity CO2 (up to 99%) evolution Easy & Safe operation
  • Rechargeable by Ziss 160g CO2 generation kit (ZCR-160)
  • Integrated Pressure Relief Safety Valve
  • Ziss CO2 Diffuser (ZD-200) included
  • High quality material used
  • All parts are Made in Korea


Bio CO2 Generator Ziss CO2 (ZC-II) Generator
Gradual Fermentation Controllable Neutralization
No Yes
No Yes
Yes No (5 ~ 40 oC) OK
(Not reported by Maker) 160g (ZCR-160)
14 days 45 days (under at 100 L tank)
Contaminated with EtOH Almost Pure
Yes (by fermentation)



See our installation video for more information: 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dave harley Garcia
30l nano tank with some fishes,loaches, amano shrimps, and snails

It's doing great so far but I had to put lots of oxygen to balance the o2 and co2 at night to keep the inhabitants safe.
I really hope to see more upgrade in the future, like: a way to turn it off at night.
5 stars!

System set up

Generator works fine - producing abundant plant growth
I use distilled water - warm it a little first, it makes dissolving the citric acid much easier
You can buy bulk food-grade citric acid very cheaply from health food shops or home-brewing shops, and bulk bicarbonate soda from pool shops. Costs virtually nothing to run

Dirk Bickmann
Funktioniert aber....

Leider ist die Dichtung am Überdruckventil nicht dicht oder die Feder im Ventil nicht stark genug. Ich habe mich erstmal mit Teflonband (Dichtband) beholfen weiss aber nicht ob das Ventil noch ordnungsgemäß funktioniert. Aber er läuft jetzt. Darum nur drei Sterne.

Iris Siebert

Funktioniert hervorragend ;-))

co2 generator

It works very good.